• Consulting of direct and indirect taxes, duties and contributions, legal opinions on tax assessment on financial and trading operations related to the structures used in the agribusiness
  • Tax consulting and planning in spin-off, merger and acquisition operations and in operations carried out in the financial and capital markets
  • Consulting of the application of Corporate Law regarding to bookkeeping, commercial accounting and disclosure of financial statements of Brazilian companies related to the agribusiness
  • International tax planning and tax consulting related to foreign trade operations and application of international income tax treaties
  • Tax litigation (administrative and legal) involving defense before the federal, state and municipal courts
  • Tax due diligence and strategic management of tax liabilities and legal opinions on social security issues
  • Incorporation of companies nationally or abroad, as well as drafting of corporate acts in general and rendering of legal services in connection with the implementation of corporate restructurings, mergers and acquisitions transactions, and the structuring of private equity and venture capital transactions
  • Drafting and negotiation of corporate instruments related to purchase and sales of shares or quotas, shareholders’ agreements, cooperation agreements, investment agreements, debentures deeds, hold harmless agreements, among others
  • Acting in legal due diligences proceedings and counseling in connection with civil liability of company managers, succession planning and corporate governance planning
  • Registration of investment and loan transactions before the Central Bank of Brazil, as well as registration of companies’ financial-economic reports, statements regarding Brazilian capital abroad and all other registrations that are necessary for the development of our clients’ commercial activities in Brazil
  • Counseling to companies, creditors or investors regarding credit restructuring operations. Carry out of bankruptcy proceedings, as well as judicial and out-of-court reorganization proceedings
  • Assistance in connection with filing requests of trademark agreements and other contracts before the Brazilian Institute of Intellectual Property
  • Legal assistance in judicial and administrative proceedings related to Civil Law, Commercial Law, Banking Law, Corporate Law, Bankruptcy Law, Labor Law, as well as issues regarding the Capital Markets
  • Legal advice on credit recovery related to agribusiness financing instruments and export pre-payment transactions
  • Assistance in extrajudicial and judicial reorganization procedures of agribusiness companies, advising creditors, investors and trading companies
  • Assistance in the development of labor and employment structures, trough preparation of labor and services agreements, creation of human resources policies, as well as procedures of hiring of foreigners in Brazil and expatriation of Brazilian laborer
  • Legal counsel on conflicts resolution, through alternative mechanisms, such as mediation and arbitration. Legal opinions and legal assistance in cases of civil, commercial and labor litigation. Due diligence and strategic management of Civil and Labor liabilities
  • Negotiation and drawing up of domestic and foreign trade agreements. Formalization of personal and secured guarantees
  • Execution of purchase and sale agreements, lease, partnership, free-lease, deposit and real estate agreements, agency and distribution, franchise, license and technology transference, domestic and foreign logistics agreements. Execution of rendering of services agreements
  • Analysis, review and formalization of instruments of commercial partnership, exchange conventions, confidentiality agreements, memorandum of understanding and letters of intent
  • Preparation of studies on economic equilibrium contracts and the effects on the shape and fulfilling obligations to the agricultural and financial market
  • Participation in negotiations, mediation and formalization of trade agreements on preventing conflicts of interest and engagement in the pre-litigation procedure
  • Analysis, review and preparation of credit bonds, especially rural credit bonds and transactions involving the Agricultural Bonds (Cédulas de Produto Rural – CPR) and the new agribusiness financing instruments (Certificado de Depósito Agropecuário – CDA, the Agricultural Deposit Certificate; Warrant Agricultural – WA, the Agricultural Warrant; Certificado de Direitos Creditórios do Agronegócio – CDCA, the Agribusiness Credit Rights Certificate; Letra de Crédito do Agronegócio – LCA, the Agribusiness Credit Instrument; and Certificado de Recebíveis do Agronegócio – CRA, the Agribusiness Receivables Certificate)
  • Development of commercial, financial and partnership structures, joint ventures and exchange conventions (barter). Business assessment of the futures market for over-the-counter and stock market operation
  • Formalization of instruments and guarantees whose objects are agricultural commodities, inclusive in the export transactions. Studies of the risks relating to national and international trade
  • Export and import transactions, exchange procedures, customs regime, relation with Brazilian Integrated Foreign Trade System – SISCOMEX (Sistema Integrado de Comércio Exterior) and National Agency of Petroleum – ANP, among others
  • Structuring either of offshore or domestic financial transactions, along with the formalization of the guarantees thereof. Legal Opinions relating to financial transactions, including export prepayment transactions. Structuring of project finance transactions
  • Structuring of new agribusiness instruments-based transactions. Securitization transactions, securities’ issuance and distribution, especially regarding agribusiness financing structures
  • Assistance in Stock and Commodities Exchanges transactions, as well as in over-the- counter markets. Studies and opinions on assets’ custody, trading, clearing and registration systems
  • Assistance in transactions based upon the rules and regulations enacted by the Brazilian Central Bank (Banco Central do Brasil – BACEN), the Brazilian Securities Exchange Commission (Comissão de Valores Mobiliários – CVM) and the Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Entities’ Association (Associação Brasileira de Entidades dos Mercados Financeiro e de Capitais – ANBIMA)


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